Getting Ahead In Post COVID World Is Possible When You Understand What’s In Your Way

“How To Release The Mental Brakes Holding You Back From Thriving In The “New Normal” And accelerate Ahead in 30 Days Or Less (And Still Stay Socially Distanced)”

Discover How The Right Balance Of Attitude & Action Boosts Your Results AND Puts Daylight Between You And The Rest Of The Pack 

Dear Fellow Social Isolator,

COVID shook the world. There’s no doubt about that. 

In the months since lockdowns were imposed across the world we’ve had in excess of 33 million cases and over 1 million deaths…. 

…And even now those numbers are growing.

But now it’s time to get back on with our lives in what they’re calling the “New Normal”. 

People Have Been Affected In Different Ways By COVID  

The impact of this upheaval has affected different people in different ways. For some it has been the catalyst for a much needed change to their lifestyle and work habits. However many have started to question how to move forward with all of the doubt and uncertainty. 

Answer Yes To One Or More Of These Questions And It’s A Sure Sign You’re Looking For Something Better  

If you can answer yes to one or more of these question then you might be one of those people seeking answers: 

Have you felt off-track, unfocused and feel like you're operating at less than your best?
Has your previous drive been replaced by a lack of motivation and desire?
Have you felt your self-confidence take an occasional dip during these times?
Have you felt off-track, unfocused and feel like you're operating at less than your best?
Has your previous drive been replaced by a lack of motivation and desire?
Have you felt your self-confidence take an occasional dip during these times?
Do you sometimes worry about taking risks and experimenting for fear of making mistakes and looking stupid?
Does it sometimes feel like you've forgotten what's important to you and what you stand for?
Do you find yourself being pushed and pulled from pillar to post?
Do you have an inner voice that makes you feel like an imposter, that you're not good enough and anyone else BUT you could do this even better ?

If you can answer yes to one or more of these question then you might be one of those people seeking answers: 

But How Better Could It Be For You?

Let’s look at how things could be for you. 

This is going to work for you if you regularly catch yourself day dreaming about the excitement and adventure of being fully alive. 

You know… The life that’s within your grasp but you can’t quite reach….yet 

Indulge us - just ponder on these what if’s for a moment:

How better
What if you could get crystal clear clarity on what your ideal life looks like and how you can go and get it?
What if you could have THE mindset to quickly, decisively and effectively respond to life shocks and events that would have previously thrown you off course?
What if you could have limitless energy, vitality and spirit to navigate life's ups and downs on that journey with ease?
What if you could spark that glowing ember somewhere deep inside of you to unleash your highest potential and accelerate your wildest possible achievements?

Let’s Not Get Too Carried Away… 

Whoah! Before we get too carried away, let’s just pause for a moment. You might have been here before…

Reading promises of a grander life, getting sucked in to the possibility of actually tapping into your potential and achieving something even better for your life. 

You like the idea of a better life. 

You might have even set goals before. 

Let not get carries away

But you know you’ve got in your own way in the past, and think you might get in your own way if you try it again in the future. 

Let’s just check.

Might These Things Be Stopping You From Moving Forward In What You’re Doing NOW? 

Do you have significant difficulty focussing your attention on the important things that you absolutely know have to get done right now?
Are you so easily distracted that the work you do put in, isn’t your best?
Is there so much on your list of things to do that a crushing sense of overwhelm makes it hard to decide what to do so you end up doing nothing for ages?
Do you routinely leave things so long it becomes a problem so bad that you’re forced to get into action and do something?
Do you find yourself routinely putting things off until the last minute so you’re regularly rushing important work right up to its deadline?
Do your stress levels regularly go through the roof leaving those close to you concerned for your well being?
When you wake up in the morning do you have such feelings of dread about the amount of work you have to do that you’d rather just pull the duvet over your head and hope it all goes away?

If any of these even remotely ring true for you then even with the best of intentions, you’ll probably still fall short of achieving your goals for a better life post COVID. 


We know how you feel because we’ve felt the same way before and what we’ve found is there are answers to these questions and solutions to these problems. 

For example: 

What if you could discover how to eliminate the distractions drawing you away from your work and sharpen your focus like the evil villains laser from a James Bond movie?
What could you achieve if you could concentrate on your most important projects to get them done in record time?
What if you could take ANY productive behaviour YOU choose, and install it as a permanent habit so you could ALWAYS rely on its effectiveness and efficiency just like Neo could download new skills in the Matrix?
What life would you design with peak performance productivity habits you could depend on AUTOMATICALLY?
What if you discovered the simple shifts you could make to reorganise the way you work now and WITHOUT putting any extra effort and more than DOUBLE your output?

You Can Design The Life Of Your Dreams AND Make It Happen  

The solution is actually quite simple. It is just about getting the right blend of just two ingredients:

Attitude - having the right mindset to deal with whatever life throws at you &
Action - being able to do the things necessary to get the job done. 

And it's called:

The Alchemy Of Excellence And Execution

How You Can Do More With Less In A Much Changed World And Feel Fantastic On The Journey

This is a half day masterclass that’ll do two important things for you:

1. It will show you how to release the brakes currently holding you back from thriving as well as you could in this new world we find ourselves in.

2. It will install success accelerators you’ll need to take you forward into these uncertain times.

Using a highly engaging and interactive approach fine tuned for the virtual environment, here are the brakes we’ll release for you: 


You’ll discover how to dig out the hidden limiting beliefs currently holding you back and learn what to replace them with instead so you’ll accelerate towards your goals and not away from them.


You know that inner voice that sometimes says unhelpful things to you? Well, you’ll learn how to win it over and align its intentions with yours so it helps rather than hinders you.  It’ll become your staunchest supporter driving you forward instead of your fiercest critic holding you back.


Using the master editing suite of your mind, you’ll reshape, reorder and re-edit the stories from your past that predict your current trajectory into the future, to write new versions that align with your ambitions and aspirations.


You’ll unplug from any limited, unreliable and weak external energy sources and learn to tap into a limitless source of internal personal power that’s available to you 24/7, 365 days a year.  You’ll never have to worry about drive, determination or discipline again.


You’ll let go of any self sabotaging blueprints you have of yourself that make navigating the volatile and uncertain waters of our times chaotic and troubling.  You’ll replace them with a rock solid identity to give you certainty, stability and courage to move forward.

Once You’ve Released The Brakes Holding You Back We’ll Then Show You How To Accelerate Forward To Make Things Happen even faster. 

Release the brakes


You’ll understand how and why your brain is hardwired for distraction AND procrastination.  Once you know that you’ll be handed a sneaky way to fool your brain to get focused and dive into even the most difficult of tasks whether you like them or not.


Revealed - a three step strategy that’ll flip your day on its head to give you at least an extra hour a day of productivity.


You’ll receive the 7 Pearls Of Productivity - the guiding principles every successful and productive professional use to generate and maintain momentum in their lifestyle and happiness building projects.


You’ll get the 5 step system to install every success habit you choose so they’re effective, automatic and long term, meaning you’ll keep on track, on time and on top.


You’ll master the simple 2 word framework for describing elite level productive behaviours to install them into your subconscious so they’re automatic.  This super simple approach will 3x the probability you’ll still be massively productive in 6 weeks time.

Once You’ve Released The Brakes And Put Your Foot Down On

The Accelerator, You’ll Power Forward Into The “New Normal”

In this momentum masterclass delivered by two of the most experienced facilitators of success systems with over 50 years of training delivery between them, you’ll discover some of the same secrets shared by personal growth giants like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Brendon Burchard, Tom Bilyeu, Gary V and many like them. 

They’ll share a blend of motivational magic and hard hitting practical strategies that preCOVID would draw hundreds of thousands of success seekers to packed arenas around the world.

You’ll benefit from the same quality of development billion dollar multi nationals like Amazon, Google, Coco Cola and Pepsi pay millions of dollars for every year.

So who is going to get you going on this exciting journey into the “new normal”  

Meet Your MOMENTUM Mechanics Who’ll Fine Tune Your Performance And Get You Back On Track

Pete Clark

Highly experienced leadership and mindset facilitator, coach and speaker who’s been developing successful business leaders for over 25 years

Michael Tipper

An award winning speaker, published author and self confessed productivity geek who’s personally worked with over 100,000 success seekers

Pete and Michael will draw on their extensive experience of equipping others to achieve their dreams, goals and desires to do the same for you.

Here’s Just A Snippet Of The Success They’ve Achieved For Others Like You 

But don’t just take our word for it. Here is what just a small sample of their previous 

clients have said about the impact they’ve help them make.

“Pete has been absolutely critical to the development of the new Air New Zealand Executive team. Pete joined us at the very beginning of the journey when we formed this new leadership team & we think of him as a full member of it. He has a wonderful style and presence that builds trust and is also very clear and direct. As CEO of one of New Zealand’s leading companies I couldn't think of a better facilitator, coach and partner to be supporting us on our leadership journey.” 

Christopher Luxon, ex-CEO  

“As we all are trying to adapt in the current circumstances, Pete has been able to continue his high level support by delivering his content in an engaging virtual approach. His webinar for our Executive team was very impactful and one which our business will benefit from. Thanks again, Pete.”

Pat Maher, Chief People Officer

“Pete’s style is very personable and engaging and the course is delivered in a format that enables interaction throughout the session. I benefited enormously from the course and now have a useful set of tools to reference when needed.” 

Nicole Killen Chief Governance Officer

“Today I attended Michael's Productivity Surgery and it was fabulous. In 45 minutes, Michael entertained, educated and answered people's questions on getting more done. It was super interactive and his advice and to-dos will all make a powerful difference in the businesses and lives of attendees. I have known Michael for years as a presenter & coach & he has really got this online/remote/virtual stuff nailed! 

Gavin Ingham (On LinkedIn)

Michael Tipper’s excellent productivity sessions have allowed me to feel more empowered and productive. I found the sessions highly engaging and interactive and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The advice is practical and simple to apply and as a result I feel much more confident. I have applied many of the things Michael taught and have seen improvements in both my focus and my productivity. I highly recommend Michael Tipper to help you become even more productive and effective at work, as well as for his extremely friendly and professional attitude.” 

Georgiana Dragomir, Policy & Coordination Officer, NATO (On LInkedIn)

“I recently attended a masterclass by Michael and was blown away not only by the content, which was brilliant but the delivery style made it so easy to take on board. He was informative, energised, entertaining, engaging and fun. Plus the technology I have seen him use on many occasions was second to none. Thank you Michael, can’t wait for the next one.” 

Gill Tiney, Community Catalyst At Collaboration Global (On LinkedIn)

When You Book Your Exclusive Place To Invest In Yourself & Your Future, Here’s What You’ll Get: 

Live - Pete’s Brake Release Overhaul

90 minutes of live, mindset shifting Excellence with one of the best in the business that’ll have you:  

Identify and release your limiting beliefs.
Turnaround your inner critic.
Rewrite unhelpful stories from your past.
Unplug from weak energy sources.
Let go of unhelpful blueprints.
Petes Brake Release Overhaul Delivery Mind Map - new

Pete’s Brake Release Overhaul Delivery Mind Map 

This is the exact Mind Map Pete will use to deliver his life changing session. You’ll get your hands on the actual notes a master of his craft uses to deliver an outstanding, life changing event. This is all the notes you’ll ever need from this session, beautifully crafted, summarising all the key points & messages.

Live - Michael’s Success Accelerator Fine Tune

90 minutes of live life altering execution strategies delivered in an engaging & interactive style so you:

Focus on even the most difficult tasks.
Add an hour of productivity to your day.
Develop new long term success habits.
Generate & maintain momentum.
Install new behaviours automatically
Live - Michael’s Success Accelerator Fine Tune
Michaels Success Accelerator Fine Tune Mind Map

Michael’s Success Accelerator Fine Tune Mind Map 

Personally taught and mentored by the originator of the Mind Map, in a former life Michael was recognised as one of the world’s leading Mind Mapping trainers. You’ll get his personal, hand drawn world class Mind Map used to design and deliver his inspirational session.

in addition to the live training you'll also receive these amazing bonus resources and training

Bonus # 1

The MOMENTUM 30 Day Email Coaching Programme 

Jump start your high performance through Excellence and Execution. This exclusive 30 day coaching programme delivered in a daily email integrates and embeds what you learn into your daily practice. It’s just like having Pete and Michael as personal 1 on 1 coaches on tap.  It starts the day after you attend MOMENTUM.

The MOMENTUM 30 Day Email Coaching Programme

Bonus # 2

21 Whispers - Wit & Wisdom For A Life Worth Living 

A collection of Pete’s thoughts and musings on what it takes to live a rich, fulfilling and rewarding life. A combination of practical advice, powerful stories and metaphors carefully crafted and woven together in a way that’ll bypass your rigid critical thinking brain and engage your deeper and more flexible subconscious mind where true change really happens. Reading this life enhancing manual will make you feel good AND will start triggering positive and affirming changes without you having to do anything other than read it.

Bonus # 3

Productivity Principles - The Fundamentals Of Getting Much More Done

The essential principles necessary for a productive business and personal life are laid out in this collection of reports from a thought leader in peak performance productivity. You’ll discover why time management is impossible and you’ll find out whether you are working on the wrong things (97% of people are blissfully unaware they are). Bonus reports also show you how to get a better nights sleep and tap more into your powerful subconscious mind.

Productivity Principles - The Fundamentals Of Getting Much More Done

Here’s How Much Value You’ll Be Getting By Attending

Pete and Michael are both world class presenters who regularly ply their trade on some of the biggest conference stages in the business. Big corporates regularly pay them 4 and 5 figure sums to come and speak to their people for just an hour! 

Here’s the breakdown of the value you’ll be getting from these experienced transformational presenters who’ve got over 50 years of people development experience between them:

Pete’s Brake Release Overhaul Session 


Pete’s Brake Release Overhaul Delivery Mind Map


Michael’s Success Accelerator Fine Tune Session


Michael’s Success Accelerator Delivery Mind Map


The MOMENTUM 30 Day Email Coaching Programme


21 Whispers - Wit & Wisdom For A Life Worth Living 


The Fundamentals Of Getting Much More Done


 Total Value      $3799.00

But you won’t have to pay anywhere near $3799.00 

MOMENTUM - The Alchemy Of Excellence & Execution has been put together at a time when people most need the help Pete and Michael can provide. 

In the uncertain and volatile world we have been plunged into over the last few months, doubt and uncertainty may have prevailed for you. 

But MOMENTUM is designed to give you a sense of hope, encouragement and possibility that you CAN make huge, confident strides forward into this thing they call the “New Normal”. 

MOMENTUM will do two absolutely VITAL things for you:

It will release you from the mental brakes currently holding you back (many of which will remain subconscious unless you do something about them).
It will give you skills and knowledge to accelerate into your future and power your way to success with confidence and certainty.

…And You Can Get MOMENTUM For Just A Tiny Investment..! 

Pete & Michael deliberated for some time on whether to charge the full market value for this package. 

Even at full price, it is still incredible value for the difference it can make in your life. 

However after much debate across multiple timezones the price they wanted to charge for MOMENTUM will shock you. 

You might think there is a digit missing from the price when you see it. 

And even if there is, it’s still going to be a ridiculously low price for what they’ve put together. 

We had to check with them both numerous times to make sure we’d heard it right. 

So instead of paying the full value of $3799.00, when MOMENTUM goes live it’ll cost you just $197. 


You read that right.

For just $197 you get full access to the live half day session with Pete and Michael, their delivery Mind Maps, the 30 day email coaching programme, Pete’s 21 Whispers and Michaels Productivity Principles. 

That’s a massive saving of over $3600! 

It surprised us too! 

So we asked them why such a low price. Their answer: 

“…We don’t want price to be a barrier to people getting back on track and striving forward with confidence into the “New Normal”…But more importantly we want to make this information accessible to as many people as we possibly can that need it right now…It’s our way of giving back…” 

So for just $197 it’s a real steal for you. 


You Can Get It Even Cheaper Than That…! 

The $197 price is for when it goes live and is fully launched. 

Pete and Michael are in their pre-launch phase right now and so are allowing pre-launch sign-ups to get an even bigger discount. 

So if you sign up now you can book your place for just $47 

It’s a way Pete and Michael can thank you for putting your faith in them to help you stop what’s getting in your way right now and show you how to strive forward into the “New Normal”.

When is MOMENTUM happening?

Momentum happens on Thursday 10th November 2020, 0900-1300 AST.   It is a Zoom Meeting so there are only 100 spots available for this pre-launch special.  

At this price they will go fast and if you miss out this time, next time you'll have to pay the full price of $197

Here’s How You Can Book Your Pre-Launch Discounted Ticket To Get MOMENTUM And Accelerate Forward Into The New Normal 

To book your place on this powerful experience for just $47, simply click on the button below and follow the simple instructions.

But before you decide, make sure you check out our guarantee that keeps all the risk with us:

Here’s Our Rock Solid100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

If after 30 days of putting these proven momentum strategies to work you decide the approach is not for you, then simply get in touch we’ll refund your programme fee in full, no quibble, no questions asked.

With all of the upheaval you've experienced over the recent months, attending MOMENTUM with Pete and Michael will be the best investment you'll make this year.

And at just $47 it's an absolute no brainer.

We'll see you there.

The Momentum Team

P.S.  Remember you are getting $3799 worth of training with two of the most experienced personal development presenters in the business and additional resources and training for just a tiny one off investment of $47.

P.P.S.  You also get a 30 day email coaching programme to help you implement what you discover on the live training so the new success behaviours and mindset become hard wired habit.

P.P.P.S.  After the prelaunch special the price will go up to $197 so book you place now and save an additional $150

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