Pete Clark & Michael Tipper: Momentum Live - Free - 19th November 20 (9.00am-12:00pm AEDT)

Release The Mental Brakes Holding You Back & Accelerate Ahead…

MOMENTUM - The Alchemy Of Excellence & Execution

Answer Yes To One Or More Of These Questions...And It's A Sure Sign The Brakes Are On And You're Being Held Back

Have you felt off-track, unfocused and feel like you're operating at less than your best?
Has your previous drive been replaced by a lack of motivation and desire?
Have you felt your self-confidence take an occasional dip during these times?

Do you have significant difficulty focussing your attention on the important things that you absolutely know have to get done right now?
Are you so easily distracted that the work you do put in, isn’t your best?
Is there so much on your list of things to do that a crushing sense of overwhelm makes it hard to decide what to do so you end up doing nothing for ages?

Then here's what will help you release those brakes and surge forward in the Post COVID world.



"The Alchemy Of Excellence & Execution"

This is a FREE half day masterclass that’ll do two important things for you:

1. It will show you how to release the brakes currently holding you back from thriving as well as you could in this new world we find ourselves in.

2. It will install success accelerators you’ll need to take you forward into these uncertain times.

Here’s what you’ll get when you register for this FREE life enhancing event:

A Brake Release Overhaul

90 minutes of live, mindset shifting Excellence with one of the best in the business that'll have you:

Identify and release your limiting beliefs.
Turnaround your inner critic.
Rewrite unhelpful stories from your past.
Unplug from weak energy sources.
Let go of unhelpful blueprints.

…just to name a few!

Your Success Accelerator Fine Tune

90 minutes of live life altering execution strategies delivered in an engaging & interactive style so you:

Focus on even the most difficult tasks.
Add an hour of productivity to your day.
Develop new long term success habits
Generate & maintain momentum.
Install new behaviours automatically

…and many, many more!

Leading MOMENTUM Will Be...

Pete Clark

Leadership & Mindset Facilitator

Founder of 21 Whispers, a highly experienced coach and speaker who's been developing business leaders for over 25 years.

Michael Tipper Peak Performance Productivity

Michael Tipper

Self Confessed Productivity geek

An award winning speaker and published author who's personally worked with over 100,000 success seekers

Using a highly engaging and interactive approach, fine tuned for the virtual environment, here are the brakes you'll release:

Brake Release #1

Dig out limiting beliefs holding you back and learn what to replace them with instead so you accelerate forward  

Brake Release #2

Learn to win over your inner voice and align its intentions with yours so it helps you rather than hinders you.  

Brake Release #3

Reshape, reorder and re-edit the stories from your past and write new versions to align with your ambitions.  

Brake Release #4

Let go of any self-sabotaging blueprints and replace them with a rock solid identity of certainty and courage.  

Once you've released the brakes holding you back, you'll then be shown how to accelerate forward to make things happen even faster

Accelerator #1

A 3 Step Strategy to flip your day on its head and give you at least an extra hour a day of productive time.  

Accelerator #2

The 7 Pearls Of Productivity - guiding principles every productive professional uses for daily success.  

Accelerator #3

5 Simple Steps to installing any success habit you choose so it's effective, automatic and long term.  

Accelerator #4

How to deal with distractions and overcome procrastination so you get on with things fast.  

VALUE: A$997  Sign Up Today For FREE!

Enrolment Ends In...

Time Sensitive: This highly-interactive session will empower you to develop the right mindset for these uncertain times AND a suite of behaviours to help you execute the plans you create.

“Pete Clark has been absolutely critical to the development of the new Air New Zealand Executive team. Pete joined us at the very beginning of the journey when we formed this new leadership team & we think of him as a full member of it. He has a wonderful style and presence that builds trust and is also very clear and direct. As CEO of one of New Zealand’s leading companies I couldn't think of a better facilitator, coach and partner to be supporting us on our leadership journey.”  

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Christopher Luxon  


"Michael Tipper’s excellent productivity sessions have allowed me to feel more empowered and productive. I found the sessions highly engaging and interactive and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The advice is practical and simple to apply and as a result I feel much more confident. I have applied many of the things Michael taught and have seen improvements in both my focus and my productivity. I highly recommend Michael Tipper to help you become even more productive and effective at work, as well as for his extremely friendly and professional attitude.”   

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Georgiana Dragomir  

Policy & Coordination Officer, NATO (On LInkedIn)  

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