Michael Tipper is a self-confessed productivity geek.  He hosts the Peak Performance Productivity Podcast and the Profit Productivity Podcast tracking his daily efforts to improve his productivity and personal effectiveness and his efforts to help others do the same.  It is an enlightening, honest and ongoing account - warts and all - of how he keeps raising his ability to get more done yet still maintain balance in his life.

A past recipient of the “Best New Speaker” award for the Academy of Chief Executives, he is an experienced speaker, trainer, facilitator and coach having spent the last 20 years in the people development industry.  He is also the author of 7 books including “Finding An Hour A Day - How To Free Up An Extra 60 Minutes From Your Busy Day…Every Day”, "Memory Power Up" (Published by Duncan Baird Publishing) and "Instant Recall" (Published by Watkins Media).

Michael has been hired to work with some of the UK's largest companies organisations including Shell, IBM, Pfizer, EDF Energy, Grant Thornton and Symantec.  He has also appeared extensively on the BBC (TV and Radio), Channel 4 and SkyNews as well as been featured in The Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Sun and The Daily Mirror.

A former Royal Navy Submarine Engineer Officer, he is a systems engineer and project manager by training.  Michael has spent the last 8 years developing over 3000 leaders in the Nuclear Industry including running an award winning leadership academy for a major utility company.

A retired first dan black belt in Aikido, outside of work he is an enthusiastic salsa dancer, an occasional stand up and improvisational comedian, plays blues guitar and keeps in great shape through yoga, walking and the odd press up or two.