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"A Workshop To Help Your Busy People Eliminate Distractions, Get Laser Focused And Achieve Much, Much More With Just A Handful Of Tiny Tweaks To What They're Already Doing"

A Highly Engaging, Practical And Enjoyable 3 Hour Experience Perfect For People With Too Much To Do And Not Enough Time To Do It In (Click Here To See Live Sample Content)

Video Testimonial About A Recent In Person Workshop
Simon Chaplin - The Accountants' Mastermind

The Big Problem Professionals HaveTrying To Develop Better Productivity Skills Is...Finding The Time To Develop Better Productivity Skills.  

Stephen Covey (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) tells the story about a man discovering someone trying to chop down a large tree with a very blunt axe.

Because the axe is blunt it's obvious to the man they're getting nowhere trying fell the tree.

"Your axe is blunt" he points out, "Why don't you sharpen it? he asks.

"I can't" they reply.  

"I'm too busy trying to chop down this tree" .

This is the problem facing many professionals these days.  They 're too busy to "sharpen their saw" and hone their productivity skills.

If they did, they'd make more efficient and more effective progress towards achieving their objectives.

Here's Why Many Professionals Are Too Busy To "Sharpen The Saw" - The Very Problem They Need To Solve Is What's Stopping Them Taking The Time To Fix It


Struggling With The Huge Volume Of E Mail Traffic That Ends Up Being A Complete And Utter Time Such


Unable To Progress Their Own Work Because Of Endless Rounds Of Unproductive Real & Virtual Meetings


Difficulty Focusing On Their Priorities Because Of A Constant Stream Of Trivial And Unnecessary Distractions


Constant Procrastination Whilst Faced With An Overwhelming Choice Of Things To Do So Precious Time Is Wasted

Doing Too Much

Huge Inefficiencies By Trying To Multi-Task and Juggle Too Many Projects So They Appear Busy But Little Gets Done

Fire Fighting

Forever Firefighting And Reacting To The Symptoms Of Problems And Challenges (Often Of Other People's Making)

Tight Deadlines

Routinely Under The Intense Pressure Of Last Minute Efforts To Meet Crucial Deadlines

Working Late

Regularly Working Late Into The Evening, Unable To Switch Off Because Of Working From Home

Unable To Focus

Difficulty Saying No To The Majority Of The Conflicting Demands So They Can't Focus On What's Important

When these build up, productivity is dramatically and negatively affected.

But more important, there's a huge cost to people's mental health and well being when they start to struggle under intense workloads.

Whilst the pressure of the workload is intense, and sometimes unbearable, it only takes a few tiny tweaks in what they're doing to make a significant improvement in their productivity.

With The Right Workshop, Busy Professionals Can Develop These Peak Performance Behaviours Very Quickly And Without Significant Interruption To Their Busy Schedules

They rapidly identify the most important thing that needs doing RIGHT NOW.

They have the discipline and focus to concentrate their efforts on what's most important.

When they start an important task, they focus on it until it's complete before moving on to the next task.

They have tamed the email beast so it works for them rather than being a slave to their inbox.

They are very clear on their own objectives and how they feed into meeting the objectives of the organisation.

They anticipate problems and put in effective solutions before they are needed.

They set challenging but realistic deadlines and ensure they keep them.

They have the courage to ignore trivial distractions and focus on what's important to the organisation.

They are someone you can ALWAYS count on to get things done on time to a high standard.

They work equally as well with others as they do on their own.

They plan their work and work their plan effectively and efficiently.

...They get the job DONE..and DONE WELL!

So If You're Responsible For The Growth Of Hardworking Professionals Who Struggle To Find The Time For The Learning & Development, Then You're Going To Love This Workshop!

Frédéric André

"I was very impressed by his ability to gain and hold the attention of such a demanding audience."

Mekitapen Learning & Development

Maria L'Episcopo

"I was so impressed with the format of this that I told our HR department all training should be done this way."

Productivity Training Participant

Project Manager, NATO HQ

Kasia K

"This productivity training was engaging, at times entertaining and a valuable use of my time."


"The Power Of Focus, The Discipline To Deliver" Productivity Workshop
With Specialist Michael Tipper

Live Interactive Delivery

An Interactive and practical 3 Hour  Workshop that keeps your people interested and engaged. 

Behavioural Framework

An effective system to install new behaviours BY CHOICE so they can tailor the workshop to their needs.

Productivity Playbook

Everyone walks away with a free copy of "The Productivity Playbook" (110  extra productive behaviours)

Brain Friendly

An experience designed with the learning brain in mind so concepts are remembered AND applied.

Deep Expertise

Hosted by a productivity specialist with over 20 years experience of working with live audiences

Cutting Edge

Delivered by a pioneer in the development of engaging interaction with live & Zoom audiences

Here's The Interactive Journey Your People Will Take When They Attend The Workshop

  • STEP 1 - Complete an online survey about their productivity and what they'd like to achieve from the session so it can be tailored to the unique needs of the audience.

  • STEP 2 - [OPTIONAL] - Participants do (very simple) pre-work in readiness for the live workshop.  This will provide extremely valuable data points to allow them to target the workshop to their real-time, real-world challenges.

  • STEP 3 - Participants attend the interactive and engaging live 3 hour  workshop with Michael (can be delivered live or online).  No Powerpoint At All!

  • STEP 4 - [OPTIONAL] - Participants are provided a 7 day email training that walks them through applying the Productivity Improvement Operating System (P.I.O.S.) to their top development behaviour.

Every Participant Walks Away With A FREE Copy Of "The Productivity Playbook"


The Productivity Playbook gathers together 110 productive behaviours that will give the reader more energy, greater efficiency, increased effectiveness and even raise their performance level to that of the productive elite.

It includes a complete behavioural development system and a step by step process to enable the reader to develop powerfully productive habits.

A quick and easy read, it is a practical handbook you can dip into at any time to help raise your game and squeeze more out of every hour of the day.

Wim Annerel

"I have applied your strategies for dealing with e mail and am already seeing efficiencies that are saving me a considerable amount of time."

Productivity Training Participant

Business Coach

Ricky Dibble

"This seminar was professionally delivered and contained many useful and practical strategies that will help me become more productive."

Productivity Training Attendee

Station Commander, Scottish Fire & Rescue

Lee Webster

"I was both stimulated and challenged by the content and am already seeing the results of changing my behaviours."

EMEA Business Manager, MFS Investment

Here's What's Covered In The Workshop

Why time management doesn't work and what to do instead.

Understand why you procrastinate and what you can easily do about it to begin taking action.

Discover why you are so prone to distractions and what you can do to avoid them.

Learn how to stay focused regardless of the task at hand.

The simple shift you need to make about your productivity development to shift from "knowing" to "doing"

A productive behaviour development system that will install new productive behaviours permanently.

How to harness the power of marginal gains to create significant shifts in your productivity.

How to develop and apply a growth mindset to the development of your productivity.

7 proven strategies for being more effective and efficient with e mail.

Discover how to ethically reduce your list of things to do without reducing your impact.

The scientifically proven method for taking breaks so you replenish your energy exactly when you need to.

The top 12 personal productivity strategies of all time.

Here's A Taste Of The Content

These recordings are taken from an online version of the workshop and shows interaction with participants as well as key sections of the content..  The content delivered is exactly the same when delivered face to face.

Participants Are Challenged To Apply What They Learn (3:10)

Practical And Relevant Takeaways Delivered Throughout The Session (6:08)

...As Well As Right To The End (1:10)

The Session Helps Give Them Clarity (1:26)

It's Important They Focus On "The Big Things" (2:55)

They're Given Some Home Truths Too (2:09)

It's Not Just About Productivity, Mental Well Being Is Addressed Too (3:22)

Of Course There's Stuff About Productivity And The Brain (4:50)

And Here's The Big Idea They Should Take Away (0:46)

Here's What To Do Next 

Step 1 - Review the testimonials from previous clients who've booked this workshop to understand how easy it is to work with me. 

Step 2 - Review the testimonials from previous participants who've attended the workshop to understand the quality of delivery and the impact it has.

Step 3 - Book a call with me so we can discuss your needs and see whether we can work together to support your people by delivering this productivity training.

Productivity Training - What To Do Next

Testimonials From Previous Organising Clients

Simon Chaplin - The Accountant's Mastermind Group (Delivered Live Over Zoom)

Frédéric André - Mekitapen Transformation, Learning & Development

"Michael came and delivered his excellent Power of Focus Seminar to a select group of my clients in Paris recently.  I was very impressed by his energy, enthusiasm and passion for his subject but also with his ability to gain and hold the attention of such a demanding audience.  

It is extremely rare to see a subject matter expert deliver such a practical, valuable and engaging live seminar without the use of powerpoint.  I was just as impressed with his ability to engage an audience and deliver valuable content in the follow up webinars.  

His advice was backed up by research and experiential activities  but more importantly, it was practical.  

Already I have booked Michael to come back and work with more of my clients later this year."

Graeme Wilkinson - Director Avanti Learning Consultancy Ltd

"Michael, what a delight it was to host your outstanding workshop to our audience of Members and guests in Edinburgh, yesterday.

The feedback was exceptional. The attendees loved not just the powerful and readily applicable learning points, but your energy, wholly appropriate humour and your encouraging and welcoming challenge and interaction.

From a logistic perspective, your pre event communication could not be bettered. I knew from your call to me, the passion you were going to have for delivering a quality work event to our demanding audience.

I cannot emphasise how much we enjoyed working with you and hope there are many opportunities to do so in the future. Thank you."

Bernard Berkein - Effi-Drive Smart Telematics

"I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of days with Michael Tipper recently when he delivered his productivity workshop to clients in Brussels and Amsterdam.  

Comments from both groups were extremely positive with excellent feedback on the quality of Michael’s delivery and the value and relevance of his content.  

As well as being very engaging, it is clear Michael walks his talk (as can be seen on his podcast) and clearly understands how to share his experiences and help others practically apply and benefit from his advice.  

It was most refreshing to see just how engaging a presentation delivered just using colourful and well drawn flip charts can be."

Testimonials From Previous Participants

Maria L'Episcopo


“My name is Maria L’Episcopo and I attended Michael Tipper’s Workshop when he came to Brussels recently. I work at the NATO headquarters in Brussels.

I decided to attend because I always found myself staying at work longer than I'd intended to. This was causing pressure for me at home, especially as I have a young baby and so it was important for me to make some changes in how I work.

I loved the format of the Workshop. Half a day of live, face to face contact with Michael meant I could fit it into my busy schedule. 

I was so impressed with the format that I told our HR department all training should be done this way.

I am pleased to say I now feel much more focused and in control of my workload and am now regularly going home on time and still managing to stay on top of things.”

Ricky Dibble


"I attended your workshop in Edinburgh recently and was really impressed by how you tied together relevant strands from conventional “time management”, performance psychology, neuroscience in a way that made complete sense to me. 

I really liked your Productivity Improvement Operating System and that will allow me to take the behaviour shifts you recommend and implement them into my own working practices.  

Perhaps the biggest penny dropping moment for me from what you shared was helping me gain clarity on what my Main Thing is. 

Overall I thought the Workshop was professionally delivered and contained many useful and practical strategies that will help me become more productive."

Wim Annerel


"I attended Michael's excellent Workshop in Brussels recently. There were two main things that stood out for me.

The first was the power of how Michael framed productive behaviours so they could be developed as long term habits. 

The second was the three powerful strategies Michael gave to reduce the massive number of things on my to do list down to just the important ones so I can stay focused and productive.

I have also applied Michael's strategies for dealing with email and I'm already seeing efficiencies that are saving me a considerable amount of time. 

Overall I have enjoyed the workshop but more importantly I have benefitted from what I have applied."

Lee Webster


"After recently returning to work after having my second child, I felt the need to improve my productivity and so was delighted to attend Michael's recent Workshop in London.  I found the seminar extremely enlightening.  In particular the seminar helped me realise how much time I've been wasting by multi-tasking when I had previously always thought it was a useful way to approach work.

I was particularly impressed with Michael's tips on taming the e mail beast.  My company has an extremely high volume of e mail traffic and a culture of quick response and  I have implemented many of the strategies Michael recommended and they’ve been very helpful.  After listening to him talk about the importance of the Main Thing, I realised I was not clear on what mine was and so I could see a huge impact of that on my productivity.  I have been able to block out more of my time on important tasks and have educated my team on keeping me accountable for sticking with those blocks.

Overall I enjoyed the workshop, was both stimulated and challenged by the content and am already seeing the results of changing my behaviours thanks to Michael."

Kasia K.


"Attending your workshop in Amsterdam recently was a huge eye opener for me.    After listening to you I went back and applied just a handful of the many things you shared and already, I am much more focused and have created far more effective plans for the achievement of my goals. 

Even after getting back to work, your suggestions made me aware of just how distracted and inefficient I had been despite putting tons of effort in.  I can remember saying “Oh My God! This is Terrible” once I realised just how bad things were. 

But having attended your workshop, I now have your Productivity Improvement Operating System (which I think is great by the way) to continually make small and manageable changes to ramp up  my efficiency and effectiveness on a daily basis.  And already I am seeing tangible improvements. 

Overall I thought the workshop was engaging, at times entertaining and a valuable use of my time."