Attention:  This Page Is For People Who Are Busy, Burnt Out Or Bothered By Overwhelm 

"If You Lack Focus, Are Easily Distracted & Procrastinate Frequently But Want That To Change, Then Coaching Opens The Door To Productive Habits, Better Results And Feeling In Control"

...But Only If You're Willing To Be Open, Willing To Be Coached And Most Important, Willing To Take Action

What Is Peak Performance Productivity Coaching?

Peak Performance Productivity coaching is a powerful approach to developing new skills, behaviours and habits to enable you to achieve much more in the most effective and efficient way possible.

It is an approach tailored to your specific outcomes and designed to help you overcome your unique cocktail of obstacles and blocks (both real and imaginary).

It requires a deep specialist knowledge and set of unique coaching skills (that's where I come in) to support concerted effort to achieved a specific outcome (that's where you come in).

Coaching Testimonial - Maria L'Episcopo, Project Manager, NATO

"Before I started my productivity coaching with Michael Tipper I didn’t feel I was in control of the balance between my personal and professional lives.  My days at work were unstructured, and I was working far longer hours than I wanted to.  Out of work, it was really challenging bringing up a small child because of my workload and I had stopped doing the “me-time” things that used to replenish me and make me feel whole.  However after just a handful of sessions with Michael Tipper, I have freed up the time to be with my young son more, am able to take more time out for myself and have even raised my game at work.   I feel much more in control and am now excited about the year to come.  As well as all of the great advice and insightful coaching, I think the most useful aspect about working with Michael is being held to account for the commitments I have made in each session.  Without that support I wouldn’t have made even half the progress I have done in such a short space of time".

Seven Steps To Successful Productivity Coaching

Here Are The 7 Steps you'll go through if I agree to accept you as a coaching client to achieve your outcomes:

Step 1 - Together We Establish Where You Are Now And Where You Want To Be
Step 2 - Together We Formulate A Clear Plan Of Action To Get You There
Step 3 - You'll Be Given New Knowledge, Skills & Habits For Your Plan To Work
Step 4 - You'll Work Your Plan
Step 5 - I'll Give You Accountability, Positive Reinforcement And Any Further Guidance As You Progress
Step 6 - We'll Rinse & Repeat Steps 4 & 5
Step 7 - When You Achieve Your Outcomes We'll Celebrate Your Success And You Move On

Coaching Testimonial - Kasia K. Project Engineer

"Before I started my productivity coaching sessions with Michael I was frustrated at how easily distracted I was.  I was not calm and felt great unease.  I let email, telephone calls and other interruptions distract me away from my important tasks.  Working with Michael allowed me to understand the cause of those distractions and put in place practical and effective behaviours to deal with them.  As a result I am much more in control of how I use my time and am far more focused on my main thing.  More importantly I am calmer and much more at ease.  My biggest takeaway from the coaching was to focus on installing one small behaviour at a time before moving on to the next.  Following that approach I am now in control of my e mail and I am making my difficult and more complex projects far easier by breaking them down into bite-sized chunks.  I’m pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Michael and if I was to do it all over again, I’d be much more open to his advice and guidance - it works!" 

Here's What You'll Get From Every Coaching Session We Have

If I agree to take you on as a coaching client, we'll have regular sessions at a pace convenient to your outcome to work through all seven steps of your coaching journey.

Through these sessions and the effort you put in to work your plan, you'll make progress towards your outcome.

Here's what you'll get from every session we have:

No Call Charges

I'll Call You So It Won't Cost You A Penny In Phone Charges

1 Hour Sessions

You'll Get Up To 60 Minutes Of My Time - One On One - Just You And Me

Session Recording

You'll Get A Full Mp3 Recording Of The Entire Call so you can listen back to it at your leisure.

Productive Behaviours

You Will Get A Detailed Written Breakdown Of Your New Productive Behaviours To Work On Immediately

Commitment Record

You'll Get A Comprehensive Written Capture And Record Of The Commitments You Make Immediately

Implementation Plans

If We've Agreed A Project Plan, You'll Get A Written Copy Sent To You Immediately

Unlimited Access

In Between Calls You'll Get Unlimited Email Access To Ask Any Questions You Have As You Progress Through Your Plan

Emergency Calls

You Also Have One Emergency 15 Minute Call Between Each Session In Case You Need It So You Always Know I'm There.


I'll Hold You 100% Accountable To Your Commitments To Ensure You Keep Them And Stay On Track

This Means All You've Got To Do Is Turn Up For Each Session And I'll Provide You With ALL The Resources You'll Need To Implement What You Agree You'll Do...And You'll Get Unlimited Support Whilst You Do So

Coaching Testimonial - Wim Annerel - Business Coach

"I must say I found the coaching experience with Michael Tipper really, really valuable.  It has been really useful to have personal attention on my specific challenges and then be held accountable for my actions to resolve those challenges.    Before I started the coaching with Michael I was very scattered in my focus and the collection and processing of information vital to my role.  This meant I wasted a lot of time and was not productive.  Since working one-on-one with Michael I have far greater clarity on what to focus on and a set of new behaviours that have made me much more productive."

How To Apply To Become A Coaching Client

Delivering this coaching is a significant investment on my part which is why I only work with a handful of coaching clients at any one time.  

I am also very fussy about who I work with.  

This approach is only suitable for you if you are willing to be coached, put the effort in AND be held accountable for your actions.

If this is not you then this very powerful approach will not work for you and I suggest you don't apply.

However, if you are serious about addressing the challenges you currently face, and don't mind the inevitable discomfort as you develop new skills and habits, then apply.

To do so, just click on the button below and book a 30 minute application session with me where we'll discuss what your needs are, what your outcomes are and most importantly whether we can work together or not. 

(This is FREE by the way)

Once I understand what you are trying to achieve, I might be able to give you what you need in this session so see it as a FREE coaching opportunity.  

You'll get to experience  the value I'm able to provide before you decide to apply and I'll get a feel of how you'll be as a potential client.

30% of these calls never result in a coaching relationship because I'm able to suggest practical steps you can apply immediately that will address your challenge.

I reject about 45% of those who apply for a slot and only take on just under a quarter of applicants (unless my coaching schedule is full at the time and then they go on to a waiting list).

So click on the button and book your coaching application session now and let's see where it takes us.

Coaching Testimonial - Ricky Dibble - Station Commander, Scottish Fire & Rescue

"As I look back on how things were before I started the productivity coaching with Michael Tipper I realise now just how reactive, unstructured and stressed I was then.   After just a couple of sessions working with Michael I have taken back control of what needs to be done, I have productive structures in place and it feels like I have more time to do the important things.   In terms of comparing my efficiency and effectiveness before the coaching, it’s like the difference between night and day.  I have also welcomed the tailored approach to my specific circumstances by making it personal to me.  Of all the great things that have come out of this coaching, the biggest benefit has been how to successfully deal with the huge volume of e mail so now I'm in control of my inbox."