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About Michael Tipper

Michael Tipper is a self-confessed productivity geek. A past recipient of the “Best New Speaker” award for the Academy of Chief Executives, he is an experienced speaker, trainer, facilitator and coach having spent the last 20 years in the people development industry.

A former Royal Navy Submarine Engineer Officer, he is a systems engineer and project manager by training. Michael has spent the last 8 years developing over 3000 leaders in the Nuclear Industry including running an award winning leadership academy for a major utility company.

A retired first dan black belt in Aikido, outside of work he is an enthusiastic salsa dancer, an occasional stand up and improvisational comedian, plays blues guitar and keeps in great shape through yoga, walking and the odd press up or two.

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“Attending your Power Of Focus Seminar in Amsterdam recently was a huge eye opener  for me.    After listening to you I went back and applied just a handful of the many  things you shared and already, I am much more focused and have created far more  effective plans for the achievement of my goals.”

Kasia K


I attended Michael’s excellent Power of Focus Seminar in Brussels recently. There were  two main things that stood out for me. The first was the power of how Michael framed  productive behaviours so they could be developed as long term habits. The second was  the three powerful strategies Michael gave to reduce the massive number of things on  my to do list down to just the important ones so I can stay focused and productive.  Overall I have enjoyed the Power of Focus experience but more importantly I have  benefitted from what I have applied.”

Wim Annerel

Certified Business Coach

I booked Michael to speak at one of my many events, and he was brilliant. He  delivered “bang on” brief and made the interactive session, fun, engaging and most of  all, informative. I am always nervous the first time I book a speaker, but Michael  exceeded my expectations at the planning, delivery and review stages. Will definitely  be booking again in the future”

Simon Chaplain

(On LInkedIn)

I have just been on Michaels SURGERY webinar, specialising in PROFIT PRODUCTIVITY.  WOW, I truly got way more than I expected in 45 minutes and I came away with a very  precise methodology on how I can be more focused. You guessed right, I am one of  those that gets distracted easily. Thank you Michael for the most PRACTICAL and  SIMPLE way to implement these tips. Very excited and highly recommended”

Brian Abbott

Business Behaviour Magician (On LinkedIn)

I recently attended a masterclass by Michael and was blown away not only by the  content, which was brilliant but the delivery style made it so easy to take on board. He  was informative, energised, entertaining, engaging and fun. Plus the technology I have  seen him use on many occasions was second to none. Thank you Michael, can’t wait for  the next one.”

Gill Tiney

Community Catalyst At Collaboration Global (On LinkedIn)

Michael Tipper’s excellent productivity sessions have allowed me to feel more  empowered and productive. I found the sessions highly engaging and interactive and  thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The advice is practical and simple to apply and as a  result I feel much more confident. I have applied many of the things Michael taught and  have seen improvements in both my focus and my productivity. I highly recommend  Michael Tipper to help you become even more productive and effective at work, as well  as for his extremely friendly and professional attitude.”

Georgiana Dragomir

Policy & Coordination Officer, NATO (On LInkedIn)

“Today I attended Michael’s Productivity Surgery and it was fabulous. In 45 minutes,  Michael entertained, educated and answered people’s questions on getting more done.  It was super interactive and his advice and to-dos will all make a powerful difference in  the businesses and lives of attendees. I have known Michael for years as a presenter &  coach & he has really got this online/remote/virtual stuff nailed!  “

Gavin Ingham (On LinkedIn)

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