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Episode Summary on Effective Collaboration

Effective collaboration is the key to being able to leverage the skills, knowledge, wisdom, energy and effort of others.  Aristotle said "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts" and never is that more true than when you collaborate effectively with a group of like minded (and like-hearted) individuals.

In this episode you'll hear how Gill Tiney stumbled upon the power of effective collaboration and how she now uses it to help make a difference to people, to their business, to their family and to their communities.  She also shares how effective collaboration will send your productivity "through the roof".

About Gill Tiney

Gill TIney is a successful speaker, author, coach and entrepreneur who has herself been in business for over 30 years and who has been developing business leaders through her Steps To Success coaching practice for nearly 15 years.

Describing herself as a collaboration catalyst, she is the Author of the book "Making of A Movement - the BeCollaboration Story" which describes her purpose to inspire and enable the world to collaborate more and chronicles her journey along the way so far.

Her dream is to spread the impact of collaboration by creating BeCollaboration groups in every village, town and city because Her belief is that collaboration can empower individuals to be the change the world needs to see.

Show Notes on Effective Collaboration

01:53 - Gill’s journey from running a school stationery supply business to becoming an advocate for greater collaboration.

04:04 - The negative feelings many have that can be soothed by collaboration.

04:48 - The three core components of effective collaboration.

05:54 - Some of the business benefits of collaboration.

06:41 - Gill’s definition of true collaboration.

07:23 - How true collaboration differs from cooperation.

08:15 - A great story about collaboration and how it can benefit business.

10:46 - The features of a true collaboration.

12:07 - The importance of the contribution of individual genius to effective collaboration.

12:48 - Why Gill looks for “like-hearted” people when she forms a collaboration.

15:06 - The part that mindset and behaviours play in effective collaboration.

15:27 - The “Rules Of The Game” - the playbook for effective collaboration.

17:00 - The most powerful single assumption Gill makes about someone before starting a collaboration with them.

18:50 - Understanding how people communicate is half the battle to creating great collaboration, regardless of the working environment.

19:50 - Why a solutions focused mindset is vital for successful collaboration.

21:40 - The impact of male and female energy on collaboration.

23:59 - How collaboration will help your productivity “go through the roof”.

28:15 - The role accountability plays in collaboration.

30:00 - Why having three people collaborating in an accountability group is more effective than just two.

31:44 - What to look for in potential collaboration partners.

33:18 - What gets in the way between people who try to collaborate and it doesn’t work.

35:10 - How growth and fixed mindsets overlap on collaboration.

36:01 - Examples of how effective collaboration have helped businesses.

38:20 - How leveraged collaboration impacts productivity.

38:39 - Gill’s recommendations on where to find great collaboration partners.

40:05 - You already have collaboration partners and how to engage with them.

43:44 - How to deal with feeling vulnerable when asking for help with collaborations.

46:47 - The one thing Gill recommends to know to get more out of life which will lead to collaborations that will help you.


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