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Having a Success Mindset is a key factor in whether or not you’ll become a peak performer.  There are three factors that contribute to the consistency of any success you have.  In this episode I discuss those three factors together with a powerful peak performance ideology with super sales expert and motivation coach Gavin Ingham.

About Gavin Ingham

My guest today, an expert in the success mindset got into sales after a short career in the Metropolitan Police Force.  He made his first sale in the first week, but it then took him another 26 weeks before he made his next sale.  

On the brink of leaving the profession he was given a book that gave him a secret to success and inspired him to up his game.  

In quick succession he then became his teams top sales performer, the regional top performer and then European top performer and award winner.

His sales career accelerated, rapidly becoming a team leader, sales manager and then the sales and marketing director of a FTSE 250 company.

On the back of that success he then turned his hand to helping others achieve peak performance.

Described by the brilliant Brian Tracy as one of the top motivational coaches in the UK, he has personally worked with over 250,000 people delivering over 2000 paid presentations around the world.   

His #IAM10 methodology has helped thousands of professionals become peak performers and today he shares his insights through the #IAM10 show and the Directors Compass - an initiative to support leaders of businesses make smart decisions, employ winning strategies and get better results.

All this from a man who was told as a teenager he was best suited to being a fork lift truck driver.

Today when he is not helping business leaders or inspiring others to peak performance you’ll find him either with his kids, halfway up a tree or eating ice cream.

In our conversation we explore the importance of having a success mindset.

Show Notes For A Success Mindset

01:58 -  What kept Gavin persisting in sales when he hadn’t made a sale for 6 months.

03:10 - Gavin describes his lowest point during his sales drought.

04:20 - The peak performance traits Gavin has since identified in others that helped him through his early difficult times in sales.

05:30 - How Gavin used “Away From” motivation to keep himself going.

07:00 - Why it is important to always ask the difficult questions.

08:15 - The impact of the environment you’re in on your performance.

09:30 - How one book which gave him one insight, changed his perspective on his sales performance.

10:12 - Exactly what to focus on when things are not going your way.

11:05 - The point in his life when his interest in developing a success mindset started.

14:30 - How Gavin’s approach to a success mindset and peak performance developed.

16:43 - Why using a scale of 1-10 works really well and how it formed the foundation of Gavin’s #IAM10 philosophy.

18:03 - What the difference between being at a 1 and being at a 10 looks like.

18:50 - The important relationship between attitude and skills and why most people get it the wrong way round.

19:50 - The relationship between attitude and behaviour.

21:55 - How Clarity, Commitment and Consistency fits into peak performance.

23:19 - What gets in the way of people becoming peak performers.

27:25 - Another example of the importance of your environment to your success.

28:45 - The tiny difference that separates peak performers from those who are just good.

29:15 - Why having a system will help you achieve peak performance.

33:09 - How to develop the emotional strength so that any negative factors in your environment don’t impact your performance.

36:02 - A great question to get you to emotionally refocus to get back on track when things have gone wrong for you.

37:42 - The one thing Gavin recommends you do to achieve high levels of productivity (and hence peak performance).

41:18 - A brilliant question to ask yourself when you find yourself not doing the things you said you would do.


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The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results By Gary Keller with Jay Papasan

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