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Hi and thank you for taking the time to come and watch this short video where hopefully I’m going to create a compelling case for you to be a guest on the Peak Performance Productivity Podcast.  You can watch an example episode at the bottom of this page.

Why I'd Love You To Be A Guest On My Podcast

I’m inviting you to join me on this podcast because from what I know of you - either from the research I’ve done on you or from knowing you as long as I have - I admire you, I respect you and I know you have wisdom to share that will definitely benefit others. 

Now you’re here either because you have some deep specialist knowledge that has an impact on productivity, or you’re one of those amazing people who have grasped the concept of productivity and applied it really well in the work you do…or you could be both.

I believe we share the same desire to contribute positively to the lives of others and I believe together, in a 30 minute recorded conversation we can tease out some really useful content that can help people looking for ideas to make them more productive.  

What I Hope To Achieve With The Podcast

The purpose of the podcast is to find the really cool, practical and effective approaches to productivity from really cool, practical and effective people like yourself and share them with as wide an audience as possible.

For me productivity is a bridge to a better life. When you can get the right things done quickly, effectively and efficiently it means greater success is possible, but more importantly it means you can carve out more time to squeeze even more juice out of this thing called life

The interview will be an opportunity for you to make even more of a difference to even more people and of course you’ll get the additional exposure from being a guest. 

I'll admit, I will also use the time we spend together to learn from you as well to deepen my knowledge even further.

The Format Of An Episode

It’s just a 30 minute video conversation that starts with sharing who you are and what you do. Then we’ll have a chat about productivity and at the end you’ll be able to tell people where they can find you when they want to know more.  

The recording session will take about an hour including the technical set up, and all you have to do is turn up, turn on your camera and mic and answer a few questions.

The video be published on YouTube and this site and the audio will be distributed on all the major podcast platforms.

You can see what an episode looks and sounds like at the bottom of this page

What To Do Next

So all you need to do now is click on the button below.

It will take you to Calendly where you can then pick a slot convenient to your schedule. 

Once it’s in the diary, either me or my assistant will be in touch to get some background information from you to help us in our preparations.

Thank you again for taking these few minutes out of your busy day to read this and I do look forward to chatting with you about productivity.

See you soon.


Peak Performance Productivity

Peak Performance Productivity