How to get your big jobs done (part 1) was the theme of yesterday’s post

Building on yesterday’s post about the Swiss Cheese Way, here’s another approach.

Dr Spok would definitely love this approach because it’s logical.

It’s quite simple really, though it’s surprising just how many people don’t use this.

It comes back to the question:

How do you eat an elephant?

Answer – one bite at a time.

Though here’s how Dr Spok would organise a project using that approach:

STEP 1 – Work out everything that needs to be done with a project.

STEP 2 – Organise those tasks into a logical order.

STEP 3 – Start and finish the first task.

STEP 4 – Are there any tasks left – If Yes GOTO STEP 5. If No GOTO STEP 7

STEP 5 – Do the next task.


STEP 7 – Well done, you’ve finished.

As simple as this seems, my job as a Personal Productivity Specialist is to help people get over all of the self imposed hurdles they place in front of getting to use techniques like this.

If you apply this systematic approach then you will get your big jobs done in double quick time… or at least you won’t put them off as long!

Which would you choose – this logical approach or the more creative Swiss Cheese Way from yesterday’s post, and why?

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