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Being able to get others to be the best they can be is a skill entrepreneurs must have.  One way of doing that is asking quality questions.  If you are trying to get others to get more of the right stuff done, then asking the right coaching questions for productivity works really well.

In this interview with entrepreneur and CEO coach Adam Harris, we explore the power of asking the right questions at the right time.

About Adam Harris

Adam Harris is in his own words a (usually) successful entrepreneur who currently runs the fastest growing online community for CEOs & leaders of remote, co-located and distributed companies.

A man with a track record of success at an early age throughout his career, his entrepreneurial journey started as young as 12 years old when he ran a neighbourhood car washing empire by employing local kids to do the work and took a 25 % cut.

He officially started work as a trolley boy with Sainsbury’s and quickly rose to managing a team of 28 when he was just 17 years old.

He turned his hand to business, building and then selling an IT refurbishment business before embarking on a career helping other businesses grow and develop.

Consistent with achieving success at an early age he became the youngest ever chair for Vistage, the internationally renowned membership organisation for CEOs and MDs.

The co-author of The Check In Strategy Journal, he now guides business leaders to understand it’s not what you know, but who you know and more importantly who they know that counts.

So listen to or watch this episode to understand how to ask better coaching questions for productivity to get the best out of yourself and others.

Show Notes

00:21 – Adam Harris’s introduction

01:55 – The one thing that set Adam apart in his early entrepreneurial journey

02:30 – How Adam uses a powerful questioning strategy to get to the root of a problem

03:09 – Adam’s entrepreneurial superpower is asking coaching questions for productivity

04:58 – How to manage your strengths and weaknesses to get the best out of you

05:15 – A question Adam uses the most when working with others

06:09 – A question Adam uses to develop empathy and get perspective

06:54 – How Adam uses powerful questions on himself

07:30 – What Adam considers the biggest contribution to productivity is

08:16 – Why Adam thinks developing mindset is important

09:13 – Adam’s thoughts on why culture is important in an organisation

11:40 – How an individual can apply team development principles to themselves

12:40 – The importance of Journaling to help process your thoughts

14:00 – Why systems and processes are so important to get us to take action

14:34 – What “productive” looks like to Adam for organisations

18:34 – How Adam defines productivity for himself

18:40 – The most important question he asks of himself to focus his activities

20:41 – How to use frameworks to manage productivity during the day

22:30 – The importance of flexibility in developing productivity

23:37 – Adam’s experience of applying the Entrepreneurial Operating System

25:23 – The feedback mechanisms Adam uses to keep track of his productivity

27:01 – Why it is important to get out of your comfort zone

29:10 – Adam’s other productivity superpower (when he’s not asking amazing questions)

30:22 – The one productivity book Adam would choose to recommend

31:01 – The differences between morning people and night people

33:15 – The one productivity habit Adam wishes he had when he started his entrepreneurial journey

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The Check-In Strategy Journal By Adam Harris & Robert Craven
Frank And Fearless – How To Have Focus, Flow & Fun In The Boardroom

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References & Links Mentioned

Traction: Get A Grip on Your Business By Gino Wickman
The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results By Gary Keller with Jay Papasan
The 7 Habits of Highly effective People By Stephen R Covey
The Checklist Manifesto: How To Get Things Right by Atul Gwande
Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do And How To Change by Charles Duhigg
Eat That Frog! Get More Of The Important Things Done Today by Brian Tracy

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